April Open Day this Saturday

This coming Saturday, from 1 pm to 4 pm, is the first opportunity in 2017 for everyone from the community to look round this local nature reserve, with its large pond, incorporating one of the last remnants of the Croydon Canal, and managed now for the benefit of frogs and other amphibians.


It is also used regularly by groups such as the Secret Adventurers, who have left two “Hedgehog trails” for children aged 2 – 4 and 5 – 7 to follow, so this will be a nice visit for families with young children.  Entrance is free, and now better signed, thanks to work just completed on Honeyfield Mews,


off Dacres Road, near the junction with Silverdale.

However, donations to the Friends of Dacres Wood, who support LB Lewisham in its management of this site, aiming to enhance the wider appreciation of the natural environment,


even here in London.  This year we are also setting up moth traps on a regular basis, to start learning what species we have round here, and hope this Saturday to get our first results.

We are currently planning how to enhance the adjoining Field Studies centre, as well as the reserve, and offering opportunities for volunteers to help in our work.  Please ask about these on your visit, and let your friends know about what we are doing!


2 thoughts on “April Open Day this Saturday

  1. Hi,
    will you be running the Open days again in 2018? I assume the April one would be on 28th April. I’d like to give it a mention in my fortnightly email updates for Perry Vale Assembly if that’s OK.

    1. Dear Laura,

      Firstly, I am sorry that it has taken so long to reply. I didn’t have access to the blog and I wasn’t getting email alerts about messages, so I din’t know that you had written. I am in the process of updating the blog and I am trying to find out about the Open Days. Please keep your eye out on the blog for updated information.

      Best wishes,


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