More photos from January’s “Last Tuesday”

Thanks to Tom for sending these through – not sure if it was you who tool them or Kayla.  In any case, it’s great to see what someone else sees to photograph


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Last Tuesday of January!

Morning – 9.30:

I’m going to be in Dacres Wood tomorrow, in the morning, starting 9.30, doing some conservation work.  Could be putting on waders and pulling out more reed sweet-grass, but if that’s too damp and cold, it could be the time to measure the girths of those big old Turkey Oaks.  Just how old are they?  This should give us a clue.  Nick Pond is also going to have a quick look round today, and get back to me with any other conservation tasks to be done.

Not strictly conservation, there’ll be things to do tidying up round the Field Studies centre, but I’m also thinking about putting together a whole list of things to do to make the place more welcoming, and organise a special volunteering day to work on this.  Below is how Iris at Grow Mayow has attached boards to some uninsulated walls, and started to wall paper them – the sort of thing I’m thinking about.


Afternoon – 2.30

Then, in the afternoon, I’m going to be going round with my camera, photographing mainly plants, but anything else natural which catches my eye.  I’m expected at least three more people to turn up with cameras, maybe with more of an artistic eye.  We’ll we doing these walks / photo blogging sessions the last Tuesday afternoon of each month, and hoping to capture the changing moods, vegetation of the reserve.

Conservation volunteering, tomorrow and following last Tuesdays

We’re starting this low key, building up a group of volunteers to do conservation work at Dacres Wood on the last Tuesdays of each month, starting at 10.30.  There’ll be at least three of us there tomorrow, mainly pulling more reeds out of the pond, which is essential to keeping it fully frog, toad and newt friendly.

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Things to do!

Here is our continuously maintained list of tasks to be done at Dacres Wood Nature Reserve and Field Studies centre.

Some of the tasks will be simple, some more long term visions, and we will have missed other things volunteers might be able to do, so please use the form here to make suggestions – and best of all to say “I can do this!”

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Chat about what to do in reserve this Sunday?

I went round the reserve yesterday with Nick Pond, LB Lewisham Ecology officer, reviewing all the things we might one day want to do there. At the moment it’s just a list of notes which I need to get into some kind of order. After our bird walk Sunday we could maybe talk over some of it, and get more of all your thoughts.