June 25th Open Day, Arts activity for kids, Official Bridge Opening

And even an AGM, beforehand from 12.00.  What more could anyone want?

Seriously, from 1-4pm Dacres Wood will be open for our regular last Saturday of the month Open Day.  Dani will be organising an arts themed activity for kids, in anticipation of Dacres Wood being a major venue for the Sydenham Visual Arts Trail the following two weekends.  Visitors to the Open Day may have a chance to meet some of the artists preparing for this.

 At 1.15pm we will hold an official opening of the new bridge / walkway running across the pond at Dacres Wood, by our local Councillor Susan Wise.


The new bridge has been largely funded by the Perry Vale local assembly and allows visitors a closer look at the wildlife in and around the pond as well as providing a new route through and viewpoints of the reserve.  We are promised a rather special ribbon for Susan to cut, made for us by Ema’s Secret Adventurers, who meet at Dacres Wood on Tuesday mornings.

As always, our Open Day is an opportunity for any one just to enjoy the space, and meet the Friends.  If you want to get more involved, why not come along to our AGM, which will start at 12.00, and after a brief formal part, will be mainly a discussion about future plans and ideas.

Chat about what to do in reserve this Sunday?

I went round the reserve yesterday with Nick Pond, LB Lewisham Ecology officer, reviewing all the things we might one day want to do there. At the moment it’s just a list of notes which I need to get into some kind of order. After our bird walk Sunday we could maybe talk over some of it, and get more of all your thoughts.

Recent Committee Meeting

On Thursday, 27th March we (the committee of the Friends of Dacres Wood Nature Reserve) had our first meeting of the year. We had a great discussion over our plans for 2014 and events for the rest of the year.

And so we are happy to announce that our first open day for this year is April 26th. Stay tuned for more information.

Claire Weedon

(chair of FoDWNR)

Annual General Meeting and Open Day 2012

Coming up next weekend (Saturday, 29th June) is the June open day for the nature reserve. The reserve is open from 12pm- 3pm. Refreshments and free tours will be available. If you feel like “mucking in” then feel free to bring some gloves, as the Friends and volunteers will be tidying up and maintaining the site.

It is also our first ever AGM of the Friends of Dacres Wood Nature Reserve.  This is from 11am – 12pm. The agenda is as follows:


1. Apologies for absence.

2. To receive the committees report and financial statements of Friends of Dacres Wood Nature Reserve for the year ended 30th June 2013.

3. Appointment of Committee

4.  Membership

5.  Any Other Business

News from the Weekend

A big THANK YOU is necessary here. As we attended the Perry Vale Ward Assembly on Saturday, 27th October where we (the FoDWNR) bid for £2000. The bid was put in to get a digger in to remove some of the silt from the pond closest to Catling Close. Luckily we were successful in our bid, so my thank you is to all those who came along and voted in our favour.

My second thank you is to all those who came along, and braved the cold, to support the open day on Sunday, 28th. Sunday was the second ever meeting of the Friends of Dacres Wood and it was the Bring and Take day organised in conjunction with the Forest Hill Society. I know lots of people were very generous with both their time and their belongings, lots was brought along.

I hope all who came along had a great time, I know I did. The next Friends of Dacres Wood meeting is Saturday, 23rd February 2013 at 12.15pm.