Grey weather, cheerful company!

It wasn’t great weather for our first ‘last Tuesday’ yesterday, especially for taking photos, but good company all the same, and a special welcome to two new volunteers, Kayla & Tom.

That’s Tom on the right, helping Caroline & Julia remove brambles for the south end of the pond in the morning.  Health and safely warnings were read, but no one fell in, I’m pleased to say.  I’d have offered a warm shower back at my place if they had …


Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, and also a team from GoodGym last October, we have now cleared enough Reed sweet-grass from the pond, but yesterday we also pollarded a willow in the middle of the pond.  Later we used some of the branches we’d cut to make a low fence, with the idea that parent and kids from Ema’s Secret Adventurers could get weaving.  Here’s a proof of concept creating a boundary between the reed sweet-grass from the pond, which should be staring to compost down, and the path.


In the afternoon Kayla came with her video camera – images not yet received – while I also wondered round with my still camera.  It’s not a great time for plant identification, so I was looking more at texture and form.  Lots of photos in the gallery below, but I’m not going to try identifying everything.

OTOH, Kayla did find some fungi I’d missed, and I’ll be sending my photos of them to iSpotNature – so hope to have an identification for this in due course.

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