Last Tuesday of February tomorrow means …

At 9.30, Caroline, I and maybe a few others, will be at the Reserve from 9.30 doing some conservation work.  There’s an unsightly bonfire site we’re thinking of covering over with some of the reeds we pulled from the pond last year, and still lots of brambles to be dug out from the south end of the pond.  I hope also to get round to measuring some of the tree girths.

Then, at 2.30, I and anyone else who want to will be going round taking photos of what we see growing, rotting, flying, swimming, creeping, crawling, maybe floating in the pond in the case of frogspawn.  Help us make a year round record of the Reserve.

It’s also a chance to learn about what we are doing and thinking of doing at Dacres Wood, and sharing any ideas which occur to you.

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