Open Days

The wonderful Friends of Dacres Wood will again be opening the site on the last Saturday of the month from 1pm-4pm. This will fall on the following dates in 2019

25th May

29th June

27th July

31st August (Open Day TBC)

28th September

26th October

If you have any questions or would like to be involved, a member of the Friends will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. The opening of the site would not be made possible without the Friends giving up their time. They would always be interested in hearing from new potential members. Please contact them if you would be interested in helping.

2 thoughts on “Open Days

  1. I have acquired some tadpoles from a parent at school. They have been with us since toadspawn and have not yet changed. They were from a local garden pond and the parent is unable to take them back. They are toads not frogs and I am guessing common toads.

    Please could you advise on how to release or if they could be released on the nature reserve.

    Many thanks


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