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  1. Bird Watch at the reserve – Saturday 28 June
    During yesterdays Open Day at the reserve, despite sporadic rain, there was some birding activity. It’s mid breeding season so birds are feeding young . Not wishing to make themselves conspicuous they don’t sing much. This of course makes it harder to locate them even though they’re there.

    Nevertheless there was one singing Blackcap, the first I’ve had at the reserve even though they are commonly heard in the gardens around the reserve. A family of wrens worked their way through low vegetation near the pond and throughout the day there was honking from large numbers of juvenile magpies, readily identifiable as they haven’t yet developed the adult’s characteristic long tail. There were numbers of overflying swifts , herring gulls and noisy ring necked parakeets during the afternoon and a busy blue tit family chased each other near the entrance to the reserve. I watched a female hawker dragonfly laying eggs across the opposite side of the pond until it was chased off by this years second brood of moorhens, that were scooting up and down the length of the pond all day. Then a loud thunderclap signalled the inset of heavy rain that didn’t lift for the remainder of the afternoon so I returned home for a warming cuppa

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