Planning ahead to 2017

Last Saturday saw our last regular “last Saturday” Open Day for 2016, although the last Saturday of October will see volunteers from GoodGym Lewisham helping clear reeds from the pond.

But now we are thinking ahead, to 2017 and beyond.

Of course, we will resume our regular “last Saturday” Open Days, which we hope will continue to offer so many parents an opportunity to show their kids nature right here in SE23.

But Tim is also planning to resume his regular photo-blogging about plants and fungi, but on a regular day each month, and will be encouraging other people with an interest in plants and photography to join him.

Following the course run by Richard “Bugman” Jones on collecting insects, we are also thinking of similar monthly visits to photograph and identify insects and other invertebra. Unfortunately, to identify many species, it is necessary to kill them, so we plan to limit this to these proposed monthly visits, or ad hoc visits from experts with the sort of training Richard offers.

Finally, we are thinking of regular monthly conservation volunteering days, which will complement the work already being done by Thames 21 volunteers, and to be done by GoodGym Lewisham.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities to get more involved with Dacres Wood, please comment here, but when we have firmed up on actual dates, we will be contacting our growing mailing list, and using various local media to spread the message further.

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