Spring Feast, May 17th

You are invited to meet Claudio Bincoletto, farmer, chef, forager and environmental expert, on his visit to Dacres Wood Nature Reserve, and share in an experiment in sustainable local production of oyster mushrooms.

(Note – there is an entrance fee for this event)


Photo: Amy Murrell

10.30 – 12.00

Claudio will talk about his work, and how responsible foraging can help us all.  There will also be a nature walk and activities for children, let by Ema Felix of Secret Adventurers

12.30 – 2.00

Preparing and eating Risotto primavera and Wild herb frittata.  Claudio will be using wild herbs sourced from the reserve and a neighbouring garden.  Only 20 servings will be possible, but guests are welcome to bring their own picnic as well.

2.30 – 3.30

Fungus workshop.  Claudio will be preparing recently felled sycamores for the production of oyster mushrooms by drilling them with 200/250 inoculated plugs.  There will also be opportunities to help our conservation volunteering for those suitably dressed.


  • Entrance £5 adults, children free
  • Risotto primavera £5 – limited to 20
  • Oyster mushroom plug sponsorship – £1 per plug

Plug sponsors will be entitled to a share of any mushrooms we produce – which can be expected to last from 2016 – 2018 – so please stay in touch!

Find out more about Claudio on line – for example here talking to BBC Food

Your contributions, and any donations, will go to support the work of the Friends of Dacres Wood.

Other local groups will be joining us, so join us to find out more about your local community.

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Weather conditions – e.g. high winds – may result in cancellation for safety reasons, in which case another date will be provided.

There is a risk of slipping or tripping when visiting the actual reserve, to which there is no disabled access.  Visitors much wear sturdy footware and other appropriate dress.

No one should attempt to enter the pond.

Contact with vegetation or wildlife may trigger allergic reactions

Children under 12 years old must remain the direct responsibility of an accompanying adult.

A formal risk assessment has been prepared by Claudio Bincolleto as required by his Public Liability insurance, and will form the basis for advice to be given before entering the reserve.

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