Things to do, 2016

Below are a list of possible tasks to be done at Dacres Wood Nature Reserve and Field Studies centre as noted 31 May, 2016.  I’m posting them mainly for our committee, and others who can help us get things done – e.g. volunteers from the Sydenham Visual Arts trail, Good Gym, and Thames 21 and LB Lewisham staff.

Some of the tasks will be simple, some more long term visions, but please use the form at the end of the list to make suggestions – and best of all to say “I can do this!”

Note – a few more added July 7th

1     Weed sycamores

2    Replace grass with sedums

3    Construct better compost bins

4    Remove old paint

5    Remove redundant pipework and casing

6    Get wheelie bins and hire skip

7  Take stock and tide left storage area – and construct better A Board for Friends of Dacres Woods events.

8  Take stock and tide right storage area – Thames 21 & LB Lewisham own most of contents

9   Replace curtains

10   Materials for Secret Adventurers to be stowed away during weekends of Visual Arts trail

11   Neater storage to be found for Dacres TRA material?

12  Find way to close this window, or seal it somehow?  No wonder the place is cold!

13  Move most to LB Lewisham Ecology storage, keeping some attractive moderns books and prints.  Organise evening with slide projector to review old images?

14   Replace hinge on meter cupboard

15   Develop signate – e.g. for this living roof, in this case explaining how accessible

16   Construct gate to waste area?

17  Long terms idea – take down this wall, so better connecting the Field Studies centre to the reserve

18    Ramps to new walkway?

19   Control pondweed?

20   Place logs as temporary causeway – or construct path at a higher level, maybe removing some trees / bushes? And is there any way to manage / reduce level of pond?

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21  Fixing some racks in the garages from which we could hang tools tidily.

22  Getting a power supply to the garages
23  Get internet access to the Field Studies centre
24  Have a secure, locakable area, e.g for glyphosphate and other chemicals.