Things to do!

Here is our continuously maintained list of tasks to be done at Dacres Wood Nature Reserve and Field Studies centre.

Some of the tasks will be simple, some more long term visions, and we will have missed other things volunteers might be able to do, so please use the form here to make suggestions – and best of all to say “I can do this!”

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The Reserve

Ramps to new walkway

LB Lewisham have made preliminary enquiries with contractors – likely to be expensive!

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Improve path on NE edge of pond

Place logs as temporary causeway – or construct path at a higher level, maybe removing some trees / bushesAnd is there any way to manage / reduce level of pond?

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Manage / reduce level of pond?

Improve steps

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Control pondweed

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Control reeds

This will be worked on by GoodGym volunteers this October

Remove invasive species

Cherry laurel is largely eliminated.  Turkey oak sapling removal would be big undertaking over several years

The Field Studies Centre

Replace curtains

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The following measurements have been taken:


Width (cm) Drop (cm) Where
283 43 Room 1, far side, left
98 151 Room 1, far side, middle
187 43 Room 1, far side, right
46 211 Room 1, right hand side
341 141 Room 2.  There is also an Xpelair unit in the window, 12 cm deep
131 97 Kitchen

and here are the measurements of some old curtains which could be reused

Width (cm) Drop (cm) Description
134 182 Broad purple & white stripes
97 182
81 182 Pale green / brown floral pattern
92 182
80 141 Darker blue / brown floral pattern
82 157
82 142
114 173 Pink / blue / green stripes
103 173
90 175 Yellow / green / red zig zag abstract
87 175
86 175
90 175



Help user groups with their storage

Secret Adventurers

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Dacres TRA

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Eliminate draughts

Find nut to close this window, or get whole new fixing

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Draught excluder strip under Fire Exit door

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Further investigate causes of damp in Room 2

Check whether ground level outside is higher

Find attractive display and selection of books

Most of what is seen here has now been moved to LB Lewisham Ecology storage,

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I’ve been wondering if we could put doors on some of these, and make them storage space.  Just a thought …

Organise evening with slide projector to review old images?

Get internet access

The Yard

Weed sycamores

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Remove grass in concrete cracks

or replace with sedums, or other more attractive planting

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Construct better compost bins

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Remove old paint from walls

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Arrange for rubbish to be removed from behind garages

Hire skip? Get own wheelie bins?  Need a regular system

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Develop signage

For this living roof, in this case explaining how accessible?

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Bringing over notice by old entrance

Polite notice of risks going from yard to reserve

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Construct gate to waste area

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Tidy garages

The left garage should be for general use equipment

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With the right garage for Thames 21 property and LB Lewisham archives.  Dacres TRA property will be moved out in September

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Have a secure, locakable area

e.g for glyphosphate and other chemicals.

Fixing racks for tools.

Get  power supply


Construct better A Board for Friends of Dacres Woods events.

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Develop better map on OpenStreetMap

Use winter time satellite image

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