Weekly walk, 14th April 2015

Cover view of pond

That bit greener again, but most noticeably, for me walking round, warmer, and with it, more insect life.  I wasn’t quick enough to catch the peacock butterfly I saw, and there was what might have been a speckled wood butterfly, but I’m not sure – it flew too strongly, more like a moth.  Not so good on those.  At least the honey bee, warming itself up on a patch of bare earth was easier to photograph, even is not making that striking a picture.

One nice surprise was a violet in flower – less welcome, some Japanese knotweed.

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One thought on “Weekly walk, 14th April 2015

  1. wood avens, Geum urbanum

    garlic mustard, also called Jack-by-the-hedge, Alliaria petiolata

    a type of cress (needs keying out) but possibly whitlowgrass

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