Weekly walk 1st July 2015

Pond from south

On the hottest day of the year the reserve was, as expected, a lovely peaceful oasis.  I noticed first the developing blackberries, and then hawthorn berries, and wondered about making this a theme, but when I got to the cherry, any fruit were way up in the canopy, beyond the reach of my camera. Either that, or the birds had got to them.

I also thought of trying to capture more of the insect life, but often only the traces are visible, such as the holes left by wood boring insects.  There was a butterfly – a Gatekeeper, I think – but it would not stay still.  I did better with a small black beetle, skittering around on the surface tension of the pond by the dipping platform – it held its position momentarily, but how am I to know what species it is?

Thanks partly to the stillness required to get the focus and wait, I noticed patches of red under the surface of the pond?  What are they?  Some kind of algae?  Advice sought from our experts (that’s Nick & Pete)

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