Weekly walk, 1st March 2016

Pond from the north

Another cold day, and the paths round the pond are still flooded, and in places elsewhere they are slippery with mud, especially on the slopes – I can see that sometime this year we should try to replace the steps which were once there.

Again I saw the mallard, and even got a photo of them before, once more, they flew off.  Maybe they are thinking of nesting, but they will need to find somewhere safe from foxes.  Maybe some volunteers day this year we could construct a safe island for them – or moorhens, which have bred in the hard to access edge of the pond at the south end.

Others visiting the site this week have also seen Goldcrests, but not me – I feel a bit jealous.  This week, however, I did notice a first bluebell – probably a garden escape, and like most, some hybrid of native and Spanish.  I’ll get Pete on to it.

I also saw what looks like a new fungus, growing on the sawn wood of the planters in the court yard.

But still no frogspawn!

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