Weekly walk 21st July

Pond from the north

It’s high summer now, and there’s noticeably less birdsong, with territories no longer to defend.  But, as if to point to autumn to come, I saw the first fully ripe blackberry.  This coming Saturday, as the last of the month, will be an Open Day, but that will be too soon for inviting people to come in to pick.

I didn’t take so many photos this week – my favourite is of the reed mace (bull rush), suddenly flowering.

I also noticed the horse chestnuts dropping their leaves, which I think is to do with some disease.

Finally – I’m not sure how well it shows in the photo, but I’ve long noticed a sort of dry ditch between two small banks – no more than a foot deep – running south south east to north north west in the area beyond the pond.  I wonder what feature of the garden which used to be here that corresponds to.

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