Weekly walk, 28th July

Pond from the north

Seeing a bumble bee and a hover fly enjoying a bramble flower soon after walking in, I tried focusing on insects today – but they do move about, and flit off before I have got the manual focus right.  So I didn’t get any of the Gatekeeper butterflies, of which there are many, or the white butterfly – I’m fairly sure a Large White.  But a Holly blue posed beautifully on another bramble.  It occurs to me their flowers must be one of the best sources of nectar around in the wood.

I also tried to capture a large bracket fungus, high up inside a hollowed out Turkey Oak.  There was another hollowed out tree, a Horse Chestnut, with lots of mould on the inside, but no obvious fruiting bodies.  I wonder at what point the fungus sufficiently weakens the tree that it is likely to fall.

With the rain we had last week, the pond level had risen, but I wonder if we should have some kind of indicator post, to monitor the changes in level.

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