Weekly walk, 7th April 2015


My walk today overlapped with Ema Felix’s Secret Adventurers, who were keen to tell me about the Green Woodpecker they had seen. In exchange, I was able to tell show them the toads and toad spawn, in an area beside the pond which for the time being I’m calling toad haven. By the time I’d seen the nesting hole for the parakeets, they’d gone, so I don’t know if they’d seen that.

Many of the photos in this week’s slide show are of the stages of different trees coming into leaf or flower.

Others are of oak tree bark.  The huge trees in the reserve are Turkey Oaks, and the bark is very coarsely ribbed.  I also noticed how, as makes sense for a tree canopy species, their lower branches were on the way to falling.  The tree with the parakeet nest is also an oak, but outside the reserve.  It’s bark is also ribbed, but finer grained.  I’m not 100% sure of this, but I think it is a native English oak.  This would be consistent with providing better nesting holes for birds.

Another photo is of some herb (I don’t mean one for cooking) with very red stalks, which now I feel I need to identify.  I’ll be sending a link to Lewisham’s Ecology officer – if he doesn’t know, I’m sure he’ll know someone who does.

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