Weekly walk 7th July 2015

Pond from the south

I went round in the evening this week, and may have seen more insects as a result – a photo of the pond from the north shows them skimming on the surface.  I also like the photo I took to establish which sort of bindweed we had – white* – where by accident the flower, clinging to a nettle, was balanced by a gatekeeper butterfly with wings folded the other side.

I also spend a few minutes on my stomach peering beneath the surface of the pond, noticing first the tadpoles, but also the hornwort**.  I guess most people have seen this oxygenating fish tanks in our homes, but I’d not thought of it as a wild plant.

There’s also a maybe unremarkable plant, but with still delicate white flowers I’d not registered before, growing by the path at the NE corner of the pond.  I’m hoping our experts will help here.***

At various places the ground is hopping with tiny frogs, but I can’t capture the effect with my camera …

* Pete points out that ‘White’ is not good enough, there being Hedge Bindweed, Calystegia sepium and another – Large Bindweed, Calystegia silvatica.  This was hedge bindweed.

** Originally I linked here to a page about hornworts, not realising that this was a Rigid Hornwort, so something completely different …

*** Indeed they can.  Enchanter’s Nightshade – Circaea lutetiana

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