Weekly Walk, August 18th

Looking up

Pond from north

I took some gardening friends round with me today – and what a good thing I did.  I would not have recognised the owl pellet, and I could well, also, have walked straight past a hedgehog.  I might, however, have smelled it, because green blow flies were already attacking it.

I suspect also, not having a background in nursing, that I would not have made the necessary phone calls to find out where to take it.  But by now it will be somewhere in Beckenham, at a place recommended by a hedgehog charity.


after advice from the Hedgehog Preservation Society I have taken the hedgehog to an expert volunteer  in Beckenham .After examination she suspected a leg injury which may well heal and the hog can be released back into Dacres Wood .If left she said it would probably have been eaten by a fox  .Fingers crossed

With all this, and talking to my friends, I didn’t get to take so many plant photos.  When we sat down on the dipping platform, however, one of them was able to identify the song of blue tit, robin and wren.  I’m not good on birds.

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