Weekly walk, August 26th/27th

Pond from the north

This week’s walk was to be with guests from the Royal  Horticultural Society and People’s Trust for Endangered Species who are interested in featuring our reserve in raising awareness of what can be done to support hedgehog populations.  Sadly, the hedgehog we found last week was too badly injured, and has been put down, but the visit was good, and my fingers are crossed for a celebrity visit this October.  Unfortunately, my camera battery failed after photographing a minute toad and some striking nails, so I returned this morning to take more pictures.

Hoping to see visitors when we open up the reserve this Saturday, I was interested to see how good the blackberrying would be.  OK, I guess, but the rain has meant many of them have started to go mouldy – I guess that’s just what happens as Autumn approaches.  It makes me think, however, of what other fungi we have on the reserve – I know we have bracket fungus, but others may appear in the next couple of months.

There was also a lot of aerial action involving crows and parakeets, the latter, by weight of numbers, seeming to conquer the dead branches at the very top of one of our central Turkey oaks as theirs.

We also have a newly installed carved wood bench, donated by the charity Froglife, which has helped develop the reserve for wildlife, which a local fox reasonably enough seems to think includes her, rather more than me.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly walk, August 26th/27th

  1. Never knew about the reserve despite being a member of the German church in Dares Road for 30 years! Love your reports of the weekly walks and wonderful pictures. It encourages me greatly to leave parts of my garden ‘wild’. We live in a great city and a privileged to still be close to nature, if only we look.
    Thank you

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