Weekly Walk, August 5th

Pond from northThere are starting to be lots of ripe blackberries, and we’re thinking of making our Open Day this month, 29th August, one for picking them.  I think there will still be plenty.

Walking round I noticed other ripening fruit, not all of it so edible, and thought about how, before life was so urban and commercialised, we would have all learned as children what was good to eat, and what not. Last week, in Deptford, I cycled past mulberry tree and saw two people talking about it, an older man and a postman.  The postman was saying he thought the fruit were poisonous; between us, the older man & I persuaded him it wasn’t.  But please don’t eat the woody nightshade or arum lily berries.

When walking round I generally do some litter picking, today including a balloon with Ronald Macdonald, and a Coca cola can.  I think our minds, naturally skilled to identify different plants, have adapted to respond now to different brands.

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