Weekly walk, December 15th

Pond from the north

It’s getting wetter and more slippery underfoot, and a couple of times I almost fell over today.  The pond seems to creep closer and closer towards the path round it, but I think this is as much the vegetation dying down, revealing the water, as the water rising.

Before I going into the reserve, Ema, who was there for her ‘Secret Adventurers’ club, mentioned that one of the locks to the garage had been used as a nesting site by a pair of wrens – hence the photo here.  I also noticed that the holly berries I’d been monitoring have gone – presumably eaten by some bird.

Walking round, I noticed what I think is a raspberry.  I’d thought I’d seen one a long time ago, but failed to find it last time I looked.  With so much vegetation died back, it looked rather different to the general brambles, standing erect, although not that tall.  I guess it’s some escaped old garden variety.

Looking across the wooded area, I was struck by how some smaller trees were keeping their leaves, albeit brown, in the way of beech hedging.  These were young Turkey oaks.  In contrast, the mature trees had lost their leaves, while the leaves of new Turkey oak seedlings were still green.  I wonder why this happens.

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