Weekly walk, December 8th

P1060820 (Small)

In spite of the wind and rain we’ve been having, the weather for this week’s walk was bright and sunny, so although I didn’t see any new fungi or plants, I decided to take some photos because the reserve was looking beautiful.

When I first went in there was a whole lot of chirruping, and I saw, immediately above my head, a lot of action from some long tailed tits – Aegithalos caudatus.  They are very interesting birds for their social behaviour, and how they help related birds with raising chicks.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember how to set the digital zoom on my camera, to get better shots than here – a problem which recurred when I say a robin looking at me from a yew tree at the south end of the pond.

Most weeks I see parakeets, crows, magpies, wrens and stock doves – although I sometimes wonder if they are not wood pidgeons.

As said last week, I also photographed those same holly berries, which are still uneaten.

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