Weekly Walk, June 23rd 2015

Pond from the southI tried to focus on grasses today, realising that before long they’d no longer be identifiable from their flowering heads.  I’m not sure how well I did – not that my photographs would ever have distinguished between the different meadow grass species.  On the other hand, some flowering heads which looked different to me were probably the same species, but more or less mature.

I was also conscious of the variety of insect life – leaf miners, woodworm – without being able to identify very much, and photograph even less; how do you focus on flies swarming in some sunlight coming down through the trees?  Maybe a better camera (and one without a scratch across the lens).  I saw another blue damsel fly, which is much easier to capture, but on trying to identify it, I find it could still have one of four or five species.

I remember from a biography of Darwin that, as a student, he and friends would go off into the fens, and come back with a newly identified species of beetle, identifiable only with a strong magnifying glass.  Our reserve may have no stand out species to impress the visitor, but just being there and watching, realising how much detail there is to know, I find myself thinking about the basic bio-diversity all around us.

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