Weekly Walk, June 2nd 2015

Pond looking south

This week’s walk coincided with a visit from Lewisham’s Ecology Officer, accompanying an official plant expert logging the bio-diversity of the reserve.  There was also a ladder leaning against the lock up giving access to a living roof above, which I’d never realised was there – hence a few photos today of more sun loving, drought tolerant species such as Viper’s bugloss.  Well done to LB Lewisham for that as well.

There were even more damsel flies than last week, although I didn’t get any photos of them – just an orangey bumble bee on the living roof, and a ladybird larva.  There were also swarms of small flies dancing around in the sunlight above the pond – but quite unphotographable with my low spec camera.

The first two photos in the gallery are of the same view – a reflection in the rippling water of an elder in flower and yellow flag nearby, with two different camera settings – both seeming, to me at least, rather Monet like.

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