Weekly Walk, March 18th 2016

Pond from the north

Even though as a Friends group we are thinking about what we’ll be doing in 2016, the weather is still cold, and the pond is flooded, making getting round it difficult unless wearing gumboots.  Last weekend we had a bird walk let by Paul, where the highlight was seeing a sparrow hawk, perched high in one of the Turkey Oaks, overlooking the railway.  We also noticed frogs, so were expecting some frogspawn soon – and yesterday there were extensive rafts of it.

Walking round yesterday, I also saw a heron, flapping away as I approached.  We don’t often see them, because there are no fish in the pond, but maybe at this time of year they are looking for frogs.  I also think I saw our Goldcrests, emerging from an ivy covered tree, so maybe that is where they are nesting.  Nothing yet seen taking up residence in the nest boxes we put up last September!

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