Weekly walk, March 8th 2016

Pond from the north

It’s still cold, and not that much evidence of Spring coming, except for the birdsong, which seems to be getting more urgent, as territories are being set up to be defended. And today, for the first time, I too saw the Goldcrests – attracted by Nicki’s iPhone’s recording of Goldcrest song.  With my camera I could only get some rather grainy silhouettes, but it seems they are distinctive enough for identification.

Going round at midday, the light was better than last week, so I got a better photo of the bluebell in flower – it looks more like the native English species.

I also took my binoculars, which helped me identify some goldfinches.

Still no frogspawn – which is starting to worry me.  Are they eaten by mallards – a pair does seem to be thinking about nesting here, and today hung around for a while after I came in.

Back home I had a bit of a shock when my cat, a good mouser, came in what I thought first was yet another.  Sadly, it was a Goldcrest, with its lovely plumage spoiled. Later I went back to the reserve, and without needing the iPhone app, was able to identify Goldcrests again.

One thought on “Weekly walk, March 8th 2016”

  1. Bluebell picture last week and this week are definitely not the Spanish bluebell. This does not have curved petal tips.

    Would need to see the flower spike fully developed to see if flowers are on one side of spike and stem drooping to one side (English) or spike upright with flowers spiralling around the stem (hybrid).

    The pale blue colour and more open bell-shaped flowers suggest the hybrid bluebell but the bluebell picture from the walk on May 6th 2015 looks like English. Both English and hybrid may be present. Having been gardens of Victorian houses, they did have a habit of taking from the wild!


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