Weekly walk, May 12 2015

Pond from south

A warm afternoon, with the feeling summer will soon be here.  I left the paths today, hoping to find different plants, but the undergrowth was mainly ivy and bramble, with seedlings / saplings / suckers of turkey oak, sycamore and elm.  Also some undead Cherry Laurel, from where two years ago, I remember digging out a large bush.  On applying the rabbit spade, it was clearly growing up from what looked like an old root – or was it a stem?  Futher on, I noticed another cherry laurel, where a stem lying on the ground had send down an adventitious root.

I also kept noticing how many turkey oak seedlings there are, which I think in principle we should also be trying to remove.

On the water, I heard a new note from the moorhens – their chicks.  Both parents were there, but had divided the chicks between them, one exploring clockwise round the pond, the other anti-clockwise.

In the water, tadpoles were swarming – though to photpgraph them I had to adjust the ISO settings on my camera manually – otherwise they were little more than a blur.

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