Weekly Walk, May 19 2015

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The reeds are growing tall across the pond, so it no longer seems one stretch of water.  Among them there is also yellow flag, now starting to flower.  I wonder if soon there will be enough of them to show up in this view.

It wasn’t the normal solitary walk today, since a group from Rathfearn School were hunting mini-beasts, and excited cries of ‘spider’, ‘tadpole’ or ‘ladybird’ regularly pierced the air.

Perhaps I should try to record invertebrates – but I know much less about them, as with birds.  Paul, who does, commented Sunday that he is still hearing the chiff-chaff, which means it’s almost certainly nesting here.  A mallard noisily announced its presence today, and I managed to get a photo – unlike of the bumble bee visiting the yellow flag flower.

I noticed hops, which I don’t think I’ve commented on before.  As a child I had the idea that climbers were to be expected in rainforests, rather than in England, but we have them.  I wonder why just hops here, and not Traveller’s Joy / wild clematis.

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