Weekly Walk, May 27th 2015

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Quite a short walk today, since I had things to do, but thanks to an email from Pete Robinson telling me of 13 new species he’d found over the weekend, I set out to photograph grasses.

Soon I hope to include a map, so we can locate plants.

But beside grasses, the yellow flag were starting to show well.  I also noticed lots of blue damsel flies, but doubted I’d be able to photograph any.  Until one obligingly landed on some ground elder just there I was pointing my lens.  And then I noticed a red damsel fly on a nearby leaf.

I think we have to get an entomologist down – there will be so much more an expert will recognise.

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One thought on “Weekly Walk, May 27th 2015

  1. Love your weekly walks Tim. Interesting as always. Thought you might like to know that we saw the green woodpecker chasing off a crow from the naked part of one of the tall trees in the woods, so might have a nest there?

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