Weekly walk, May 6th 2015

Pond - view from south

It was raining fairly hard this afternoon as can be seen from the rings in the water, with another close up in the gallery below. I noticed a cinquefoil (I think) in flower, and also honeysuckle, which I’d not seen before. By the pond, I registered the soft rush, which Peter Robinson had put in his plant list, but which somehow I’d not been aware of.

Another plant he’s missed was the water mint, which I remembered today – having noticed it from the scent when I’d stepped on it previous years. I also saw what I think is a wild rose seedling – but I’ll be checking all these with Peter and Nick, so corrections may follow.

With the weather, I didn’t see too many insects flying around. By the pond, I could see some tadpoles as little black dots, but I’ll wait till they are bigger before trying to photograph them.

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