Weekly walk, November 11th / 12th

Pond from north (12 Nov)

Most photos here are from today, but a few are from yesterday, when I took round some visitors from Sydeham Arts, along with local councillor Susan Wise.  We were talking about developing a vision for the reserve, as we want to with everyone who knows about Dacres Wood.  But that is not for this post.

Even though with no gales yet, it felt that in just 24 hours the leaf cover has reduced noticably.  Yesterday there seemed to be always some yellowed leaf fluttering down towards the pond as we looked at it, and although I tried to photograph this, I find it hard to capture the simple beauty of it with a still camera shot.  Today, looking at the same view, the trees seemed barer, and no leaves obliged once I had got the right focal length fixed for the camera.

Instead, I felt I should catalogue the seven bird boxes we now have in place.  I’m not sure if I will be doing weekly walks all next year, but somehow or other we’ll try to monitor what species, if any, occupy these.  Thinking about birds, I guess I noticed them more than I would normally, and saw robins, magpies, a crow, a greater spotted woodpecker, a great tit, heard a wren, and saw, even photographed, what I think were stock doves – but I’m going to have to work on how to photo birds, knowing how to select the right exposure.  Maybe I need a better camera.

In photographing one of the birdboxes, I came across what I think is new fungus, and this time remembered the advice from ispotnature.org to include a coin to give an idea of scale.  I also looked on their web site to see if, for the unlogged in user, it was possible to see the identifications made for our site.  It is, by zooming in on Forest Hill, but the names I’ve given the observations aren’t very helpful, so I’ll see it I can fix that.

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