Weekly walk, October 2nd

Pond from the north

Slightly later in the week than usual, since I’d been on holiday, but seeming to bring back some southern autumn weather.  It was a few degrees colder, but lovely to be in the reserve all the same.  I went just after 9.00, and there was still a fair amount of dew around, so made a point of photographing a blade of sweet reed grass with drops along it.

I was mainly just enjoying the autumn light on the foliage, rather than trying to identify species.  Most of the fungi seem to have gone, but there was one plant I’m not sure I’d seen before – so I hope Nick or Pete can identify it.

We are hoping to get funding for a new bridge / walkway across the pond at a Perry Vale Local Assembly this coming Tuesday, held at Forest Hill School, 7.00 pm.  It would be good to see any readers of this there.

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