Weekly walk, September 15th

Pond from the north

It was lovely Autumn weather this week, and I thought I’d focus on which trees’ leaves were yellowing first.  I’m not sure that I can identify a pattern, other than horse chestnuts, but this is probably just that they are diseased.  However, looking round, the first thing to grab my attention was a spider, at eye level, just starting an ambitious web across the path round the pond.  It was early enough for me to duck below, leaving it undamaged.

There were also more fungi appearing, which I have again uploaded to iSpot, although I find some gentle criticism of my uploads from last week by the experts, for not being detailed enough.  I think I’ve done better this week, but in future I guess I’ll need to knock them over, so I can photograph the gills.

Also, something I’d been anticipating a while, flowers have appeared on the cyclamens.  It’s curious how this happens in autumn, long after the leaves have died down.  I guess there’s an evolutionary advantage to plants to flower at different times of year, to avoid times when pollinating insects are overstretched, so if there is a difference between the patterns of light incidence (which will drive the putting forth of leaves) and the incidence of pollinating insects, then there will be some plants which flower when they don’t have leaves.  Autumn Crocus, Colchicum autumnale, which I once found growing in Herefordshire, does the same thing.

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