Weekly walk, September 2nd

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The reserve is starting to look Autumnal now, and as hoped last week, I found some new fungi.  I was also accompanied by Alison, a researcher from UCL developing an approach to measure bio-diversity from the sound scape of a location, which correlates with conventionally assessed bio-diversity.  Look forward, in due course, to recordings of what is to be heard on the reserve, including, I wonder, the rustling of hedgehogs?  Thanks to Alison also for telling me about iSpot, by which tyro species spotters such as I can upload images and get them identified by experts.  It seems we are now starting to see some more fungi, including a very delicate looking toadstool in the glade, so these will be my first submissions.

But rather more exciting than this are the oyster mushrooms evidently growing on the logs we inoculated with them back in May.  I first saw these on Saturday, when we had our Open Day, but today I noticed that the fungus surrounding some of the plugs looked different – spikier, and with a reddish tinge, rather than the whitish spots.  Could this be a different development stage, or could some of the plugs not been the same species?

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