Weekly walk, September 9th

Pond from the north

Autumn is coming on, so today I focused on fungus, seeds and berries, including one photo taken by Nicki and posted on our Facebook page.  For the fungi, I’ll post again to iSpot – the one last week was identified as their experts as and Ink Cap:

Possibly Coprinopsis Lagopus going by the remnants (hairy scales) on the cap and the stem but most of this genus need microscopy to be sure of the species

There are four new species in today’s gallery, plus the oyster mushrooms, where all the patches seem the same now.  Claudio, who led our May fungus workshop, rang me during the week while in London, wanting to come down and see what was happening for himself, but I was at work.  I’ll send him the photos in full resolution, and see if we can find another time for him to visit.

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