Weekly walks – 13 & 15 July

Pond from the north

Two quick walks round this week, on Monday & Wednesday.  Monday I noticed the striking flowering head of a plant I’d never noticed before, which looks like a very large, diffuse onion flower, but I learn later is water plantain – not at all related.  On Wednesday I noticed its leaves out in the middle of the pond.

Over the weekend, Pete told me of seven new species added to his spreadsheet, including the colourful Fox and cubs – another new plant on me.

Walking round at this time of year, underfoot everywhere it seems are tiny creatures, which you would not notice but for their movement.  Initially they seem like spiders scuttling away from the light, but the movement is too jerky, so making me think of grasshoppers.  But on looking, they are frogs – or maybe toads, which are not as sluggish small as when grown older and fatter.  Just one photo, but you need to look carefully to see it.

I also took one photo of a solitary moorhen, but have added couple of photos from Ema / Nicky Felix from earlier this year, one of a moorhen approaching the nest, the other, sadly, of two moorhen eggs, destroyed by some large bird – a crow or magpie I’d guess.

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