The Objectives of the Friends of Dacres Wood Nature Reserve are:

To promote, maintain and enhance the indigenous wildlife and botanical value of Dacres Wood Nature Reserve and its educational use for the public.

  • To maintain and enhance the traditional woodland species and encourage a good diverse structure of ground flora within the woodland, woodland edge habitats, and glades.
    • To maintain and enhance open water habitats by preventing the pond from turning into marsh or willow carr.
    • To maintain the dead wood habitat, both standing and fallen, within the woodland.
    • To encourage community participation and maintain the site in a safe conditions for use by the general public for informal recreation purposes and the enjoyment of wildlife.
    • To improve access into the reserve with special consideration given for disabled access and make available interpretative material to all visitors to the site.
    • To improve educational opportunities for the Boroughs schools and the general public within the nature reserve and enable children to learn about ecology and the natural environment.
    • To monitor both fauna and flora within the nature reserve and keep records of the ecology, use and management so that the success of any management

Dacres Wood Management Brief

2 thoughts on “Objectives

  1. Dear Friends of Dacre Wood Nature Reserve,

    I would like to make contact to understand if St Georges Primary School Church of England could collaborate with
    yourselves to help maintain the valuable nature reserve and learn all about the rare and precious fauna and flora.
    I am interested for my own class and the school in general as I am the Geography and History lead.
    My colleague mentioned she had fond memories of pond dipping at the site as a child. I was fortunate to grow up in a rural
    setting and am very passionate about giving children a hands on learning experience of nature.
    I wish to support your objectives and am keen to share this wonderful experience with the local children.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours faithfully,
    William Bray (History and Georgraphy lead St Georges Primary School)

    1. Dear Mr Bray,

      Thank you for your email and for your interest in using Dacres Wood. My name is Jess and I work for London Borough of Lewisham and I help manage the site. You have written to me at my work email as well and so I will reply to you there in full.

      Best wishes,


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